Cybersecurity as a Business Enabler

Última actualización: June 23rd, 2020 - 10:05 am

By Néstor Serravalle, Global Chief Sales Officer of VU™ Security

One day, the pandemic will pass, and millions of citizens worldwide will be able to go back to their routines. However, they won’t be exactly the same as they were before: the so-called new normal demands for changes in the social, economic and productive structures around the globe.

In response to the growing demand for digital tools that enable distance interaction and remote operations, the acceleration of the digital transformation process appears as an imposition for all industries. As a consequence, we can already see a series of characteristics that, probably, will remain once the pandemic is gone, including the increase in the productivity for digital companies, which gives them more power and independence.

So far, until an effective cure for COVID-19 is found, technology has collaborated efficiently in avoiding new contagions. A great example of this is the symptom-check and contagion areas apps, such as CuidAR in Argentina, which have been immensely helpful as support for citizens in front of a potential threat to their health and has helped release the phone lines opened to analyze symptoms. The same way, virtual wallets and apps that enable remote operations have gained great relevance in the citizens’ lives and helped mature digital consumption habits acquired by early adopters. The use of technological tools proves what the new market demands will be.

The rol of cybersecurity in the new normal 

Según Forbes, la cuarentena masiva por la pandemia de coronavirus llevó a más de 3.9 mil millones de personas en todo el mundo—el 50% de la población mundial—a modificar sus hábitos de consumo. En América Latina, el número de transacciones electrónicas muestra un aumento de más del 80%, lo que representa una importante aceleración del uso del e-commerce respecto de años anteriores.  

Of course, the sudden increase of digital transactions forces us to be more attentive than ever to the problems this brings regarding cybersecurity. Since the pandemic began, phishing increased by 55%, malware by 28% and ransomware by 19%. As a result, cybersecurity acquires an unprecedent importance, not only to fight against cyberattacks, but also as a key element to simplify the digital processes, improve the user experience and increase the level security for transactions.

Cybersecurity will be a fundamental part of any business and will go from being an addition to the processes’ end to become a key element during the whole cycle. This will allow to face the new requirements for remote procedures and processes, which include the digital validation of identities and a bigger importance for reputation. Of course, registration will be a permanent requirement that will give the Data Protection Regulations a major role.  

From our beginning, at VU™, we work to help improve and simplify the life of both citizens and organizations through technology, accompanying companies and institutions both in the public and the private sector during their digital transformation process. Biometrical solutions allow citizens to make thousands of governmental and fiscal operations from their mobile device, from anywhere they are.  

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