New Tools Allow Students To Take Exams Remotely

Última actualización: September 29th, 2020 - 07:23 am

Due to the impossibility of going back to classrooms in the short term, the multinational cybersecurity company focused on fraud prevention and identity protection offers a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and biometrics to allow students take exams from their home.

Thanks to technology developed by VU, students can prove they’re in front of the screen through facial recognition to avoid fraud. With any device with a working camera, the system checks in real time whether or not the student is in front of the screen doing the test, while verifying their identity at the same time. One advantage is that the student doesn’t have to register beforehand—the camera uses their biometrical data to automatically validate their identity, which makes the tool very easy to use.

It’s also possible to do a roll call through this method using one-time passwords (OTP), also known as mobile tokens, as second factor of authentication. These mechanisms, already successfully used in banks and governmental organisms, are now taken to virtual classrooms to help education adapt better and faster to the challenges on the current times.

As a result, students improve their experience for both lessons and exams because the registry and access process to the virtual classrooms are easier and more secure. Nobody wants an intruder in an online lesson, the same way nobody wants an intruder in a physical classroom or university campus.

“The education sector has been, historically, analogical. The massive shift to digital education represents a challenge for directors, teachers and students, but it’s also a defiance for families. Even though the focus is usually on the impact screens have on the students’ health, only a few point out that, while connected to an online class, you can be exposed to potential digital risks, from cyberbullying and grooming to 'zoom bombing',” says the CEO of VU™ Sebastián Stranieri. “That’s why it’s important education institutions train their staff regarding cybersecurity and implement robust authentication methods to guarantee only the authorized students can sign in on the lesson.”

Within the social distancing context, solutions that allow remote interaction and operations are essential to avoid the interruption of the academic year. In order to encourage the implementation of these kind of tools and accelerate the digital transformation in front of the effects of the COVID-19, VU™ offers the possibility of activate them whenever it’s required and pay for them whenever possible, according to the economic situation each education center or institution might be going through.

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