Online Security: Something We Do All Together

Última actualización: April 16th, 2020 - 06:17 pm

El Día Internacional de la Internet Segura se celebra desde el año 2004, con el objetivo de concientizar, promover y debatir sobre la necesidad de tener una Internet más segura para todos. Este año, el sitio oficial Safer Internet Day impulsa un movimiento global bajo el lema “Una Internet mejor comienza contigo: juntos aprendemos sobre ciberseguridad”.

Que Internet es un fenómeno en crecimiento dejó de ser novedad y las estadísticas y tendencias lo demuestran. En el año 2018, más de 360 millones de personas en todo el mundo se han conectado por primera vez a Internet. Por su parte, 2019 pasará a la historia como el año en que Internet superó a la televisión como plataforma estrella de los medios de comunicación.

According to the latest report by Zenith Media, the online consumption reached an average of 170 minutes per day per person, while TV reached an average of 167 minutes. Behind the popularity of digital media there’s the immense growth of Internet on mobile devices. The consumption reached an all-time record of 130 minutes every day, per person per device, according to the latest report by GSMA. At the same time, the report shows there are more mobile devices connected to the Internet than people in the world, more specifically a 112 percent. In 2018, there were already 8,5 million devices connected to the Internet. Of those, 57 percent are smartphones, which make it a whooping 4,8 million smartphones online.

There’s no doubt the use of Internet known no boundaries. It grows at a fast-moving, dizzying pace around the world and it crosses every aspect of life with all its benefits and its dangers, which have become more dangerous with time. That’s why framed on the Safer Internet Day celebrated on February 11, it’s key to think about whether or not we use Internet in a secure way, and whether we are or not aware of the dangers of the network both for ourselves and our children.

At VU™ , we specialize in fraud prevention and identity protection. However, our objective isn’t limited to develop technology exclusively for that, but we also look forward to training hundreds of people in cybersecurity matters. We advise and work alongside the public and private sectors to improve the security measures in all its forms and drive the required cultural change to live more secure in a world where everything seems to happen online.

We have to destroy the myth that “this won’t happen to us”, given we can always be violated by those who are waiting for our minimum mistake. That’s why information security must become a habit of our daily lives, and not only considered to determined dates. The time invested in prevention can avoid many headaches, to leave without effect hundreds of attacks with irreversible damage.

Cybersecurity stopped being a subject considered by a few to become a cross-disciplinary problematic. It’s no longer a theme of the public or private sector, nor of the government or the companies. It’s not about specialists or common users. It’s a problem that’s increasing and there’s no need to wait every year to the Safer Internet Day to put it on the media and society’s agenda. We can work on a Safer Internet together!

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