Video Call Authentication - The VU Solution for virtual meetings

Última actualización: March 17th, 2021 - 03:29 pm

Created by VU Security, Video Call Authentication is the new solution that applies biometric technology to validate people's identity in real time, preventing identity theft. It is used massively by banks, fintechs and videoconferencing platforms.

In the last few months, the use of teleconference platforms grew at exponential levels around the world. For example, Microsoft Teams registered an increase 775% in the number of downloads and monthly meetings, in comparison with same period of 2019.

However, the teleconference systems made headlines recently due to the notorious security flaws regarding authentication and access authorization, which makes organizations and governments look for alternatives that guarantee the security during virtual meetings. By adding a continuous identification system, different kind of companies and governmental organisms minimize the risk of exposing sensitive data and are able to continue operating remotely, securely and without friction.

Video Call Authentication: How does the VU solution work?

Today, more than ever, technology accompanies the development of activities that are key for society in different areas, and videoconference applications have become a key element to connect people, whether for social or professional encounters. The technology developed by VU™ is the first that allows governments and other decision makers to conduct remote meetings, take virtual exams while validating the identity of the student to prevent fraud, guarantee patients are who they say they are in telemedicine services or enable citizens to acquire products via their mobile device through digital onboarding, a system already implemented by banks.

Video Call Authentication benefits

The new solution developed by VU™ allows to authenticate the participants of a meeting from beginning to end, not just when the sign in, thanks to face recognition and proof of life gestures required to the user. Furthermore, through machine learning techniques, the system can detect if the person is trying to commit fraud.

This technology is the core of Virtual Boardroom, the teleconferencing app also developed by VU™ and that is available for determined business segments.

As a response to the growing demand, the solution can be implemented to any teleconferencing system through the integration of the API, the same way hundreds of public and private institutions across Latin America did.

Video Call Authentication validates the identity of the participants of a meeting within a secure environment, integrating the validation against preexisting databases of the own companies or even from governmental sources.

  • Participants can register using face recognition
  • The identity of the participants is validated throughout the meeting
  • The system can identify masks, videos and other kind of biometrical frauds using machine learning
  • It includes a functionality to count participants
  • Can be set up to record conversations
  • Includes a voting system that asks for a proof of life
  • Includes vote’s traceability for each meeting


“This solution offers an answer to the need of operating under the current laws and regulations, even though we are at different locations when carrying out our tasks” explains Sebastián Stranieri, Founder & CEO of VU™. “To be able to authenticate, throughout the whole meeting, the identity of multiple people within a virtual environment, is a crucial aspect of the new business version that wasn’t able before.”

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