VU gana Santander X con una solución de inclusión financiera

Última actualización: March 12th, 2021 - 04:35 pm

The multinational company that focus on identity protection and fraud prevention was the winner of the Re-Launch category for a mobile device solution that allows secure remote operations.

VU Security, the global cybersecurity company focused on identity protection and fraud prevention, is one of the winners of the Santander X Tomorrow Challenge launched by Banco Santander.

The project proposed by VU is one of 2,251 innovative solutions presented by entrepreneurs around the world to help mitigate the social and financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company participated in the Re-Launch category, created with the aim of finding cutting-edge solutions that help businesses reopen, adapting to the new reality and market needs.

Santander X | VU's award-winning solution

The proposed solution uses mobile devices to identify and validate users remotely and securely through massively used messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger, among others. This is more than convenient in a context in which millions of citizens cannot operate because they cannot move.

Although the pandemic is a global reality, the problem persists in communities far from large urban centers, where citizens feel the impact of limited resources.  

However, the new normal requires technology-based projects that not only help companies accelerate their digital transformation process, but also generate social impact and promote financial inclusion. While everyone talks about user uncertainty and visible disruption to production processes, organizations face huge risks related to the development of digital financial services.

The shift towards digital services based on technological platforms was already helping societies advance financial inclusion before the pandemic started, but lockdowns and social distancing are accelerating the use. The new opportunities created by technology for digital financial services to accelerate and enhance financial inclusion, benefiting low-income households and small firms with typically little access to traditional financial inclusion. tecnología para servicios financieros digitales para acelerar y promover la inclusión financiera, benefician a los hogares con bajos ingresos y pequeñas firmas con típicamente poco acceso a la inclusión financiera tradicional. 

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