VU logra la máxima puntuación en auditoría de seguridad con iBeta

VU Security , a cybersecurity company focused on preventing fraud and protecting identity, reached the iBeta ISO 30107 -3 standard, achieving the maximum security compliance in detection of life tests and facial biometric recognition .

Nowadays a biometric system can be exposed to different types of attacks, attacking the identity of people in different industries: finance, retail, education, health, among others. ISO 30107-3 consists of a test that tries to break the security barrier of biometric technology through the most effective attacks. 

As part of the tests, Secure Onboarding Process , the VU solution based on document reading and facial recognition for identifying people, was subjected to 360 attack attempts used by iBeta and the result was 0% successful attacks (presentation attacks success rate: 0%). From this it is concluded that the VU technology has been invulnerable to the attacks of the process.

Compliance with the iBeta standard on web, mobile and standalone platforms strengthens the identity authentication that is so important to our customers' business ”, said Sebastián Stranieri , CEO of VU, and pioneer in the development of authentication security in Latin America. " Given the level of attacks that organizations and governments are exposed to these days, complying with the highest security standards is not only important but also a requirement to be able to offer meaningful experiences to customers and citizens" , he added.

The audit found that VU technology is capable of detecting the false image of someone posing as another person, either a real or synthetic identity, and that the detection can also be carried out entirely through an intelligent system, without requiring actions of third parties. iBeta also certifies that the Secure Onboarding Process analyzes both a single image and multiple frames of a video and the visible background. Finally, the test shows that the solution verifies the natural movement of the person's face and the gestures they perform, provided that the client enables this option in the authentication process.  

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