VU™ makes its technology available for free for governments and NGOs

Última actualización: April 16th, 2020 - 06:17 pm

VU™ Security, cybersecurity company focused on fraud prevention and identity protection, announces it will make its technology available for governments and non-gubermental organizations for free.

The company, founded in Argentina more than a decade ago, looks forward to enabling citizens around the globe to make procedures from the comfort of their homes. The software allows to validate people are who they say they are remotely, to give them access to online platforms where they can make different kind of transactions. For instance, seniors can provide proof of life with facial or voice recognition through WhatsApp.

Likewise, the company will make available systems that protect organizations' computing resources, so that employees can establish a risk-free connection to the cloud, and avoid potential threats. Particularly, those who are at risk and staying at home is an obligation.

"From our beginnings, our mission at VU™ is to improve the quality of life of citizens and today, given this unprecedented situation we are living, is when we can help the most. We will continue working with the leaders to mitigate the impact of this situation which affects us all", says the CEO of VU™, Sebastián Stranieri.

These tools are available for a quick implementation in order to solve the consequences generated by the closure of public offices, and the difficulties caused by work digitization in a short period of time.

Stranieri personally invites those responsible of government areas and non-profit organizations to contact him directly in order to join efforts and collaborate in whatever is needed to cope with this situation.

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